Richards Tiles Ltd

 This firm started with Edward Corn in 1837 and continued under the direction of the Corn family.

Location and period of operation:

Richards Tiles Ltd




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See how Richards Tiles were made (from 1937 publication)

Richards also made Ricardia Ware - probable produced as "give away" items for customers, reps. etc. 


At the Pinnox Works (from 1903+), at the Brownhills Works (from 1934+) and the Adderley Green factory from 1958.


Edward Corn
    1837 - 1850
W & E Corn      1850 - 1903
The Henry Richards Tile Co Ltd    1903 - 1931     


"When the extensive Pinnox site was taken over in 1903 it was very imperfectly developed. Improvements, however, were soon effected, and in 1911 a complete new manufacturing unit - known for some time by the name, discontinued in 1931, of "The Porcelain Tile Co" - was built. On the death of Mr A. H. Corn in 1916, Mr Edmund Richards Corn returned to Tunstall to assume direction of the firm's affairs, a task in which his nephew, Mr Geoffrey Corn, has for the past ten or twelve years been ever more and more closely associated with him.

Since the was our Pinnox works has been entirely remodelled.... on Pinnox Works

In 1933 it was realised that the demand for Richards tiles was rapidly rising beyond the point at which it could be satisfied from the Pinnox Works, and it was decided to lay down an entirely new supplementary plant. A large site having been acquired at Brownhills - a few hundred yards from the parent establishment - building operations were commenced in the autumn of the year mentioned, and the new factory was opened in the summer of 1934." on Browhills Works

From: "A Century of Progress 1837-1937" a publication to commemorate The Centenary of Richards Tiles Ltd.


1938 - the capacity of the Brownhills site was almost doubled.
1947 - Acquired the Hallfield factory in Hanley where most of the Richards unglazed tiles were then produced.
1958 - Opening of the Adderley Green factories.
on Adderley Green Works


In 1961 Richards Tiles acquired Cauldon Tile Ltd (who operated from 1936)
In 1963 Richards Tiles acquired T & R Boote
(who operated from 1842)
In 1963 Richards Tiles amalgamated with Campbell Tile Co Ltd to form 'Richard-Campbell Tiles'.
In 1968 'Richard-Campbell Tiles' amalgamated with H & R Johnson to form 'H & R Johnson - Richards Tiles Ltd'

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