Hibbert & Boughey


Location and period of operation:

Hibbert & Boughey



Sept 1890


China and earthenware manufacturer at Cyples Old Pottery, Market Street, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, England.
  • The partners were William Hibbert and Joseph Shelley Boughey.

  • William Hibbert died in 1890 and the partnership was dissolved on 12th September 1890. J. S. Boughey continued on his own account. 



Subsequently: Boughey & Wiltshaw  



The London Gazette
14 October 1890

notice of the dissolution of the partnership
following the death of Joseph S Boughey








this pattern seems to be the only one produced by Hibbert & Boughey

the registration details are: 


17 Oct 1889

Hibbert & Boughey

Border motif - Pattern

Longton, Market Street

"A printed/painted motif in Oriental taste comprising a bell- flower with lateral shoots, one ending with a vase and scroll, an inner dark band with flower heads and scrolls"





a trio in  the same pattern but
different manufacturers

The tea plate has backstamp mark of Hibbert & Boughey,
the cup and saucer has backstamp of S T Wiltshaw & Co.

the two companies operated in Market Street at different times 
- and produced the same pattern



Initials used on ware for identification:

Note that Hampson & Broadhurst also used the initials H & B.

The Hibbert & Boughey mark was the initials H&B underneath a crown with the pattern registration number 135870 - it appears that this pattern was the only one they produced. 



H & B

the initials H & B are printed
below a crown



H & B

the registration number 135870 shows that the pattern
was registered in 1889



Cyples Old Pottery, Market Street, Longton

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