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Earthenware figure manufacturer at the Wellington Street Works (which was later named 'The Novelty Works'), Burslem, particularly of 'Staffordshire Ware figures' - dogs etc. 

Formerly: John Parr (1870-1879)

Subsequently: William Kent (1894-1944)

Also recorded in 1887 trade directory: Gaskell, Kent & Parr

on the Parr family of potters

"Wellington Street Works (Staffordshire Figures) John Parr was producing Staffordshire earthenware figures, hen boxes (‘nest eggs’), etc., at Wellington Street from about 1870 to the 1880s. 

In 1880, he was joined by Mr. Kent and the style became Kent & Parr. An interesting advertisement of 1881 (which claims the firm’s establishment in the year 1814) reads: 

‘KENT & PARR ... MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS OF EARTHENWARE FIGURES AND ORNAMENTS, comprising centre pieces, Dogs, White & Gold, Black & White, Red & White; Hounds, standing, Sitting and Lying; Poodle Dogs all in several sizes; Watch stands; Hens and a very large assortment of GROSS figures; carpet Balls, number Balls, Nest Eggs, Bird cisterns. . . Special attention to Carpet Balls and Nest Eggs for Export.’

Jewitt "Ceramic Art of Great Britain" 

Two typical Staffordshire earthenware dogs of a traditional form made by Kent & Parr
Two typical Staffordshire earthenware dogs 
of a traditional form made by Kent & Parr

from the collection of G A Godden

'Copies are still being made'


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