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Manufacturer of earthenware, stone china and bone china at various factories in Stoke-on-Trent, England. Thomas Minton (b.1765 d.1836) started manufacturing in 1796 - since then there have been many partners and company names. 

  • Thomas Minton was in partnership with his brother as a retailer of china ware in London. After this partnership was dissolved Thomas returned to Stoke (where he had been an engraver and designer - having engraved the popular Willow pattern for Josiah Spode). 

  • Upon his return in 1793 Thomas Minton purchased a piece of land in order to build a pottery works. These later became known as the Eldon Place Pottery. 

  • Production of blue-printed earthenware began in 1796. Minton was in partnership with Joseph Poulson (a local potter) and William Pownall (a Liverpool merchant). From around 1798 cream-coloured earthenware and bone china ware were also produced.   

  • At sometime William Pownall left the partnership which continued as Minton & Poulson. Around 1808 Joseph Poulson died, the partnership was dissolved by his trustees and Thomas Minton became sole owner. 

  • In 1817 Thomas Minton took two of his sons, Thomas Webb Minton and Herbert Minton into partnership which traded as Thomas Minton & Sons. 

  • In 1821 Thomas Webb Minton left the business to enter the church and the partnership was dissolved in January 1823. In December 1827 Herbert Minton left the partnership and he father Thomas continued on his own account.   

  • Thomas Minton died in 1836 and his son Herbert Minton returned to take control of the business. From 1836 to 1841 Herbert was in partnership with John Boyle trading as Minton & Boyle. This partnership was dissolved in November 1841

  • In 1842 Herbert took his wife's nephew, Michael Daintry Hollins into partnership and in 1849 his own nephew Colin Minton Campbell joined the business which operated as Minton & Co. 

  • By 1851 there were four large Minton factories in Stoke-on-Trent, each specialising in a particular form of ware. By 1858 the business employed over 1,500 people. 

  • Herbert Minton died in 1858 and control of the business passed to Colin Minton Campbell and Michael Daintry Hollins. Hollins left the partnership in 1868 but he retained control of the tile manufacturing business of Minton, Hollins & Co.    

  • From 1879 the business traded as Mintons and was incorporated as Mintons Ltd in 1884. 

  • Colin Minton Campbell died in 1885 and the business remained under the control of the Campbell family until it was purchased by Doulton & Co Ltd in mid 1968. 

  • In 1968 Mintons Ltd. became a subsidiary of Doulton Fine China Ltd. The Minton name continued as a Doulton (Wedgwood since 2005) brand. 

  • The remaining Minton Works in Stoke was closed in 1992 and production transferred to other Doulton factories. 


The London Gazette
10th March 1810

notice of the dissolution of the partnership between
Thomas Minton and Joseph Poulton trading as
Minton & Poulton



Mintons China Works, Stoke-on-Trent

 The Pottery Gazette,  May 1st 1880



By Royal Appointment
Mintons Ltd
China Works, Stoke-on-Trent
Manufacturers of China,
Earthenware & Tiles

 The Pottery Gazette - January 1913


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