Shaw & Ridge


Location and period of operation:

Shaw & Ridge





Earthenware manufacturers at the Bank Pottery, Bourne Street, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, England

  • The partners were Robert Shaw and William Allen Ridge.

  • This was a short lived business - they are only recorded in the Kelly Directory of 1888.

  • The partnership was dissolved on the 20th February 1888. Debts due and owing to be paid by Robert Shaw. Shaw was recorded operating on his own at Bourne's Bank Works in 1887 (Porter Directory). 

NOTE: There was also a Shaw & Ridge recorded as operating in 1884 in Albion Street, Longton. It is not known if these were the same as those at Burslem. 


The London Gazette
 24th February 1888

notice of the dissolution of the partnership of Shaw & Ridge



1879 map of Bournes Bank, Burslem 


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