Sterling Pottery Co. (Ltd)


Location and period of operation:

Sterling Pottery Ltd




Earthenware manufacturer at Canning Street, Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent  

  • Established as the Sterling Pottery Co. The predecessor of Sterling Pottery Ltd.

  • The company produced low to mid-priced tea and coffee sets, general and novelty tableware and small toby & character jugs.

  • A local pottery company named Cooper Clayton Pottery, who specialised in toby and character jugs, closed in the early 1950's - they sold the
    moulds to Sterling Pottery who then sold these jugs as "Clayton Cooper Characters by Sterling" 

  • Sterling Pottery became part of the Lawley Group following its purchase by Ridgway (Bedford Works) Ltd. in 1950.


Previously:  Bailey Potteries Ltd [1935-40] 




Marks used on ware for identification:

mark c.1947+


mark c.1947+

mark c.1949-53

(after 1950 with the Ridgway name added)


mark c.1950
mark incorporating the Stirling and Ridgway names 


mark c.1950

mark in the 'Ridgway' style
but without the Ridgway name 


mark from 1950-3
 when the company was part of the Lawley Group
after the take over by Ridgway in 1950

tea set marked Sterling England

in the Acanthus pattern 



Sterling Pottery Toby Jug
one of the English Characters series



Sterling Pottery - Winking Lady teacup


Sterling Pottery - Winking Lady teacup

the novelty winking tea cup were produced in the early 1950's 
as  promotional items
 for the English Lipton Tea Company

 manufactured in the period c.1950-3
when the company was owned by Ridgway

Sterling Pottery - toast rack

 manufactured in the period c.1950-3
when the company was owned by Ridgway

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