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Chatterley Whitfield Colliery - pithead baths & canteen

off Biddulph Road
Heritage No.
10013 A
Date Listed
23 February 1994
Building: Chatterley Whitfield Colliery Pithead baths and canteen building
Description:  1936-37, Red brick, with flat roof decks presumed to be of concrete.

Chatterley Whitfield Colliery - Pithead baths
Chatterley Whitfield Colliery - Pithead baths
- photo: Alan Murray-Rust  Sept 2004 -

This brick-built building with flat roofs and tower is instantly recognisable as the pithead baths; many similar buildings were built during the early years after nationalisation.

Pithead baths and canteen building, part altered to form stores as part of site museum of the coal mining industry. 1936-37, subsequently converted to museum storage and visitor accommodation (now closed).

Red brick, with flat roof decks presumed to be of concrete. Irregular 'L' plan, principally of 1 and 2 storeys, but with tall square water tower and lower entrance tower. South Elevation; single storey range to centre with canteen entrance having a curved end to the east wing which incorporates 5 four-light steel windows frames. West wing to entrance with continuous window of 4 bays with different glazing pattern.

To the rear of the entrance a 2 storey range extends northwards. South wall with tall stair window of 3 lights at first floor level, the mullions of the windows expressed in brick within a recessed brick panel from above the window head to the wall top. This range doubles in width at the rear of the entrance bay and then extends eastwards at 2 storey height and terminates at a tall square water tower which stands forward of the main range. There is a tall transomed window extending almost the full height of the east side wall.

An 'L' shaped single storey range, formerly darkroom facilities for the colliery laboratory, extends westwards. Interiors are much altered, but an extensive area of shower and locker storage has survived, including the shower attendants office.

HISTORY: The Chatteley Whitfield Colliery was in the forefront of mine electrification in the early C20 and was the first British colliery to produce in excess of a million tons of coal a year, in 1937. Prior to the construction of the bath house there were no washing facilities of any description at the colliery. The present canteen entrance was formerly the 'Clean Entrance' leading to the clean lockers where miners would leave their home clothes prior to collecting their pit gear from the dirty lockers.

Forms a group with Administration and Office Building.

The canteen and baths complex is of special interest as a surviving example of large scale provision for miners in the context of an advanced early C20 pit complex.


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