Master Potters in Georgian  Burslem (1714-1837)






1851 Ordnance Survey map of St. John's Church, Burslem


The extract from the Ordnance Survey map shows St John's church and its vicinity in 1851. By then the church yard had been extended twice in 1804 and 1847 (compare this map with the map of 1740). 

The Churchyard Works was situated south east of the church. 

Above the works was Burslem National School a three-story structure erected in 1817 at a cost of 2000. It was built to accommodate 600 children but was half empty in 1840 because most parents preferred to send their children to the Methodist schools and to Burslem Sunday School

The street on the north west side of the church was New Church Street (now William Clowes Street) built in the late 18th century to improve the connection between the parish church and the town centre. Previously church attendees had to go via Church Street (renamed Old Church Street, and now called Bournes Bank) which was longer, winding and dirty.

The key role played by Enoch Wood in the improvement of the church and its vicinity is reflected by the fact that the two streets bordering the church yard were called Enoch St. and Wood St.

Enoch Street still exists today by Wood Street has been renamed 'Anna Walk' and 'Card Street' - after Arnold Bennett's books.


1851 Ordnance Survey Map

1851 Ordnance Survey Map

Burslem National School shown in red, erected in 1817 at a cost of 2000
Church Yard Works in green on the South East side of the Church.

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