Top Bridge Works, Longport, Burslem

The works were originally built in the 1790s and last used as a pottery manufactory in the early 2000s. 

Along with the Spode factory, the Top Bridge Works is the earliest surviving example of a fire proof pottery works. 

The two storey range with rear yards and bottle ovens (only one remains) has been much modified over time and like many pottery factories it backs onto the Trent and Mersey Canal.

The Top Bridge pottery, remaining bottle kiln and warehouse are all listed buildings but apart from the bottle kiln which was restored in 2004 the remainder is in very poor condition. 













A succession of the Davenport family operated at these works. First at the Brindley and Bourne works - then around 1830-35 the works built by Robert Williamson were purchased by Davenports



Thomas Hughes


Thomas Hughes (& Son)

Around 1881 Thomas Hughes purchased the Top Bridge Works from Davenports and he moved his business here from the Waterloo Works, Burslem.

In 1888 Hughes also purchased the adjacent Longport Pottery from Davenport and by 1893 he had started to move his business from Top Bridge Works to the Longport Pottery (which he renamed the Unicorn Works). 



W & E Corn

W & E Corn located here from a pottery in Navigation Road, Burslem. Around 1903 their business was transferred to the Pinnox Works, Tunstall. 
1903 1961 Price Brothers (Burslem) Ltd  Price Brothers relocated to the Top Bridge Works from the Crown Works in Burslem.  They called the works "Price's National Teapots" factory. 



Price & Kensington Potteries Ltd

In 1962 Kensington Pottery Ltd relocated to the Top Bridge Works from the Kensington Works in Hanley. 

Price Brothers and Kensington Pottery were both subsidiaries of the Arthur Wood Group and they were amalgamated to make one company.  



Top Bridge Works showing the factory frontage and the bottle kiln 
- to the left is the Trent and Mersey canal 

(photo c. 2006)




Frontage of the Top Bridge Works

c. 1999

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The rear of the factory showing the remaining bottle kiln -
rear of the works showing the remaining bottle kiln

c. 1999

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the clay wharf and warehouse

c. 2001

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