Albion Pottery
Brick Kiln Lane, Basford, near Etruria, Stoke-on-Trent







Sept 1889

Gleaves & Baddeley

William Thomas Gleaves and Frederick Gerrard Baddeley

Sept 1889

Nov 1890

Gleaves, Kirkland & Dean

William Thomas Gleaves, Samuel Kirkland and Thomas Dean.

Nov 1890

Jul 1891

Kirkland & Dean

Samuel Kirkland and Thomas Dean

Jul 1891


Kirkland & Co

continued by Samuel Kirkland



Kirkland & Piddock

Godden records Kirkland & Piddock as being concurrent with Kirkland & Co.


Feb 1947

Kirklands (Etruria) Ltd

The business of Kirkland & Co was retitled "Kirklands (Etruria) Ltd" c.1938 follow the purchase of an interest in Kirkland by A.E. Gray in around 1936.  

Feb 1947


Kirklands (Staffordshire)

The original directors were: H.S. Kirkland, and J.L. and J.S. Weatherby. Later in 1947 the business was bought by Ernest Barnett and continued with the same name.


in operation
as 2020

Potclays Ltd

Company supplying clay, glazes and slips as well as kilns and hobby-ceramic supplies.
Material processing, glaze manufacture, kiln manufacture, warehousing, showrooms and main offices are located at Albion Works.





Brick Kiln Lane - to the left 2014 map and to the right 1898 map


Kirkland & Co (blue rectangle)


Brick manufacturers:

  • J. Sneyd (red oval)

  • Joseph Bennett & Son (green oval)

  • Williams & Son (purple oval)

  • J. Caddick  (blue oval)



Brick Kiln Lane in 1932 showing the Basford Tileries
and in the blue rectangle is Albion Pottery

Britain from Above 



 the Albion Pottery 1932

 the Albion Works 2015




Brick Kiln Lane
Kirkland & Co., 
gerneral earthenware, fancy goods
and majolica manufacturers, 
Albion Pottery

from..... 1907 Staffordshire Sentinel 
'Business Reference Guide to The Potteries, Newcastle & District'



The Albion Works & Basford Tileries
Brick Kiln Lane

Britain from Above 


The Albion Pottery in 1932
the road in front is Brick Kiln Lane
the row of houses is Parker's Terrace
top left can be seen the bee hive brick kilns of J. Sneyd

Potclays at the Albion Works, Brick Kiln Lane
some of the original buildings (including the chimney) can still be identified

Bing Maps 2015

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