A E Gray and Co Ltd


Location and period of operation:

A E Gray and Co Ltd

Stoke, then Hanley, then Stoke



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A E Gray was formerly a china decorator.

The famous Susie Cooper went as a designer to A E Gray and Co. of Hanley in 1922. Her work was so impressive that her name appeared on the ware she had designed.

In 1922 Susie Cooper joined AE Gray & Co. Ltd. in Mayer Street, Hanley to design in luster's and paint her own ideas. She wished to attend the Royal College of Art and was not eligible unless in employment. This intended brief stay in the pottery industry extended to 60 years. Mr Gray designated Susie Cooper designer and a special backstamp was devised for her designs, incorporating her name.

AE Gray and Company Ltd. was a decorating firm, buying in white-ware shapes from other manufacturers. This limitation on Susie Cooper's design ideas led to her break away to set up her own business as Susie Cooper Pottery Ltd, on her birthday in 1929 (29 October).

Gray's was retitled "Portmeirion Potteries Ltd" from Dec 31st 1961

1956 article on Gray's Pottery





1912 (07?) founded in Stoke

1920 (12?) moved to Glebe Works, Hanley

1934 (36?) moved to Whieldon Road, Stoke

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