Swan Works, Hanley

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c.1835 1863 Samuel Bevington  
1863 1866 John Bevington Bailey, Murrells & Co  are recorded as having the works in 1863-64 (the "& Co" probably being John Bevington)
Mr Bailey joined John Bevington at the Swan Works, Elm Street, Hanley c.1867-72 as "Bailey & Bevington"
1866 1871 W. L. Evans & Co Probably the works were divided because in 1866-70 the works were recorded as being in the hands of W. L. Evans & Co (the '& Co' probably includes John Bevington).
1871 1885 Neale Harrison & Co Operating as decorators
1885 1887 T. A. Simpson  
c.1907   Charles Bennett
Percy Ford & Co
Two companies recorded in 1907 directory - both operating as decorators in Elm Street, Hanley



"In Elm Street, established by Samuel Bevington as Parian works and afterwards carried on by his son, John Bevington, Swan Works passed in 1866 into the hands of W. L. Evans & Co., and in 1871 to Neale, Harrison & Co., who gave up the manufacturing and confined themselves to decoration only. The were succeeded by T. A. Simpson, who continued to about 1887."

From Jewitt's "Ceramic Art of Great Britain, 1800-1900" 


letterhead for the Swan Works, Hanley

kindly supplied by: Mark John Harrison Mills



c.1880 large scale map showing the Elm Street Works (Parian Manufactory) 
also known as the Swan Works
The Bath Street Works (Water Closet Basin Manufactory) was owned
by Thomas Twyford 

c.1880 map showing the location (red) of the Swan Works in Elm Street
and the Harrison Phoenix Chemical Works (blue) in Bath Street


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