Upper Hanley Works, Hanley

The Upper Hanley Works were occupied by a succession of short lived companies with changing partners.   


From To Occupier Comments
1850 1858 Marple, Turner & Co The partners were John Marple, George Wardle Turner, William Ellis and John Tomkinson - the partnership was dissolved on 24th December 1858.

John Marple and William Ellis continued at the Upper Hanley Works.  Turner & Tomkinson moved to the Victoria Works in Tunstall. 

1859 1860 Marple, Ellis & Co This partnership was short lived - John Marple left the business in 1860  
1860 1861 Ellis, Unwin & Mountford The partners were William Ellis, Ralph Unwin and John Mountford. 
c.1861 Edwin Thomas Taylor joined the company and it was re-named Ellis, Unwin, Mountford & Taylor. 
1861 1862 Ellis, Unwin, Mountford & Taylor  In July 1862 William Ellis left the business which became Unwin, Mountford & Taylor
1862 1864 Unwin, Mountford & Taylor  The partners were Ralph Unwin, John Mountford and Edwin Thomas Taylor. 
In October 1862 Edwin Thomas Taylor retired from the business and William Taylor joined as a partner.

The partnership was dissolved on the 31st December 1864. Ralph Unwin continued the business as Unwin, Holmes & Worthington.

1865 1867 Unwin, Holmes & Worthington  The partners were Ralph Unwin, Charles Holmes and Thomas Worthington. 
2nd September 1876 the partnership was dissolved when Worthington resigned. The business continued as Unwin & Holmes
1867 1873 Unwin & Holmes The partners were Ralph Unwin and Charles Holmes.
The partnership was dissolved on the 28th January 1873 when Unwin resigned. - the business then continued as Holmes, Stonier & Hollinshead 
1875 1882 Holmes, Stonier & Hollinshead "In 1875, Messrs. Hollinshead & Stonier, at that time of the Ranelagh Works, were joined in partnership by Mr Homes and removed to this (Upper Hanley Works) in the High Street, where they carried on business under the style of Holmes, Stonier & Hollinshead." Jewitt's Ceramic Art of Great Britain.  

The partners were Charles Holmes, John Stonier and John Hollinshead - in 1882 they were declared bankrupt. 

1882 1888 Stonier, Hollinshead & Oliver  The partners were John Stonier, John Hollinshead and Mr Oliver.
1888 1894 Stonier, Hollinshead & Co  The principle partners were John Stonier and John Hollinshead with Edward John Stonier. In November 1892 a notice was made for Bankruptcy proceedings. Trustees were released 1st June 1894.
c.1895 1902 Upper Hanley Pottery In 1902 the Upper Hanley Pottery Co (Ltd) moved to the Brownfield's Works in Cobridge.

The Upper Hanley Works were extended and renamed the Britannic Pottery 

1902 1926 Dudson, Wilcox & Till Ltd  
1927 1942 Bakewell Brothers  



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