Brown-Westhead, Moore & Co


Location and period of operation:

Brown-Westhead, Moore & Co

Cauldon Place




Manufacturers of high-grade earthenwares and porcelain at Cauldon Place, Hanley (Shelton area), Stoke-on-Trent, England.  Also manufacturers of sanitary ware. 

  • In December 1861 William Bates resigned from the business of Bates, Brown-Westhead & Moore and the company became Brown-Westhead, Moore & Co. 

  • The partners included Thomas Chappell Brown-Westhead, William Moore, James Moore, Robert George Scrivener and Edward Moss. 

  • The company exhibited at many of the International Universal Exhibitions, winning a gold medal in Paris in 1878.


Previously: Bates, Brown-Westhead & Moore  [1859-61] 

Subsequently:  Cauldon (Brown-Westhead & Moore) Ltd.  [1905-20] 

Cauldon Place, Stoke Road.

1893 trade journal entry for Brown-Westhead, Moore & Co.



T C Brown-Westhead, Moore & Co
The Pottery Gazette, American and Canadian Edition, January 1st 1880


T C Brown-Westhead, Moore & Co
Advert in the hnadbook to the 1893 'World's Columbian Exposition', Chicago


London Gazette, June 6, 1882

notice that James Moore (deceased) was no longer
a partner in the business



sanitary ware by Brown-Westhead Moore & Co - possibly a water tank 


T.C. Brown-Westhead
Moore & Co

the impressed numbers are probably workman marks - added by 
the people producing the ware - as a form of quality control 


bowl in the Trentham pattern 

B W.M. & Co 




Registered design number: 226910
Registered: 1 February 1869
Proprietor: T C Brown-Westhead, Moore and Company.
Address: Cauldon Place, Staffordshire Potteries, Staffordshire.
Subject: Tea service.


The registration diamond shows that this design was registered on the
1 February 1869



gilded plate in the registered pattern 92932 

the registration number 92932 shows that the pattern was registered on the 6th February 1888
the pattern is described as "A printed design comprising a bold spray of large petalled flowers with cone like stamens amidst leave and a leafy twig border motif"

T C Brown-Westhead
Moore & Co
impressed mark

the other painted and impressed numbers are probably workman marks - added by the people producing & decorating the ware - as a form of quality control 

photos courtesy: Barry Green 





T.C. Brown-Westhead Moore & Co
Cauldon Place
Staffordshire Potteries

The 'Nature' series draws on the Arts & Craft movement and mostly depicts a range of
birds and plants. Predominantly produced in blue and white - occasionally hand coloured.





hand coloured examples supplied by: Annette Clark 


Marks and initials used on ware for identification:


B W M & Co


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1893 article on Brown-Westhead, Moore & Co.

The Cauldon Place works 

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