Cauldon Ltd

Cauldon (Brown-Westhead Moore & Co) Ltd


Location and period of operation:

Cauldon Ltd




  China and earthenware manufacturer at Cauldon Place Works, Shelton (Hanley), Stoke-on-Trent

  • In 1904 Brown-Westhead Moore & Co. was incorporated as a Limited company as was renamed to Cauldon (Brown-Westhead Moore & Co.) Ltd. The ownership and management of the company remained the same. 

  • The company used the shortened name 'Cauldon Ltd' on their ware. 

  • Cauldon Ltd suffered from financial difficulties, at onetime the capital and number of shares in the company were reduced.  

  • The company was placed in receivership in 1920. It was brought out of administration by Harold Robinson and it became Cauldon Potteries Ltd. 



Previously: Brown-Westhead Moore & Co.   [1862-1904]

Subsequently: Cauldon Potteries Ltd.  [1920-62]


London Gazette, July 4, 1911 

Cauldon (Brown-Westhead Moore & Co.) Ltd. 
notice of meetings under the Companies (Consolidation) Act

the result was that in July 1912 the capital and number
of shares in the company were reduced 


gravy boat and saucer with the mark 'CAULDON PLACE, ENGLAND'
and registration number 184291

Cauldon Ltd dinner plate 

Cauldon Ltd guilded soup bowl and plate 

Cauldon Ltd guilded trio of plate, cup and saucer


the plates and saucer have the left hand mark 'Cauldon Ltd'
and the cup has the right hand mark 'Cauldon China' 



Why is some of the Cauldon ware marked "Est 1774"?

First fact:         Cauldon Ltd were in operation from c.1904-1920.
Second fact:     The factory "Cauldon Works" was built in 1802 by Job Ridgway.

Therefore by no stretch of the imagination was the firm "Cauldon Ltd" or "Cauldon Potteries Ltd"; or indeed the buildings it occupied established in 1774. 

However potters were very fond of working back to find the earliest date they possibly could to incorporate in their back stamp.

Job Ridgway built the works in 1802 and his father (Ralph Ridgway) was a potter and it is likely that the date "1774" has some connection with Ralph Ridgway.


Marks used on ware for identification:


Rd No 184291

the registration number shows that the pattern was registered in 1891

'Cauldon Place' appears to be a mark used early in the 
business of Cauldon Limited


printed mark CAULDON
some marks include 'Ltd' or 'Limited'  


ESTd 1774

plate with both the printed mark 'CAULDON PLACE ENGLAND' 
and impressed mark 'CAULDON'

plate with both the printed mark 'CAULDON Ltd ENGLAND' 
and impressed mark 'CAULDON'

Burley & Co  Chicago
Chintz  J R & Co
Regd No 599628

This mark of Cauldon Ltd makes use of a belt-mark used by
John Ridgway & Co [J R & Co] (who operated at the Cauldon Works 1830-55)

The registration number 599628 indicates a registration date of 1912

Burley & Co, Chicago were American importers of pottery and glass ware

Stone Ware
Corinthian Flute

Corinthian Flute is the pattern name

This mark of Cauldon Ltd (1904-20) makes use of a previous belt-mark used by
John Ridgway [J R] (who operated at the Cauldon Works 1830-55)


The Cauldon Place works 

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