Dunn, Bennett & Co


Location and period of operation:

Dunn, Bennett & Co


1878  (75?)


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Dunn Bennett manufactured earthenware and Ironstone for both the home and American markets. Their products were of high quality; and having retail establishments in both countries they were in a position to cater successfully for both countries.

Became part of the Royal Doulton Group and then eventually ceased operation - the last occupied works (Dalehall Works) became the site of the new Steellite hotel ware manufacturing and warehousing site. 


Works occupied by Dunn Bennett:- 


Boothen Works, Brook Street, Hanley:  1878-87

The Hill Works, Burslem:  1886-

Royal Victoria Works, Liverpool Road, Burslem:  1887- 

The Dalehall Works, Burslem:  c.1937-1998



Dunn, Bennett & Co.
Boothen Works, Brook Street, Hanley

 The Pottery Gazette, American and Canadian Edition, January 1st 1880




Initials used on ware for identification:

D. B. & CO.


D. B. & CO. LTD
[LTD from 1907 onward]

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The Hill Works - occupied by Dunn Bennett from 1886

The Dalehall Works - occupied by Dunn Bennett from 1937

Dunn Bennett ware

 Dunn Bennett marks & dates


The Dalehall Works of Dunn Bennett & Co
The Dalehall Works of Dunn Bennett & Co

Dunn, Bennett & Co - wash bowl & jung in the ARGOSY pattern  

photo: Alan Williams

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