Taylor, Tunnicliff & Co

Taylor, Tunnicliff & Co (1901) Ltd


Location and period of operation:

Taylor, Tunnicliff & Co



present (2021)


Earthenware and china manufacturer at Eastwood, Hanley and the Albion Works in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, England.
  • The company was founded in 1867 by Thomas Taylor and William Tunnicliff to manufacture domesting earthenware. 

  • Thomas Taylor (b.1833, Birmingham, England) spent twelve years at James McIntyre & Co., potters of Burslem. In 1867 he commenced business with Major William Tunnicliff (who served as an apprentice with James Edward & Son, Dalehall, Burslem and subsequently worked at Joseph Clarke, Burslem). 

  • The partners were Thomas Taylor, William Tunnicliff, George Lander and Richard Henry Gove. 

  • In August 1868 R H Grove retired from the business. 

  • Originally at the Havelock Works, Broad Street, Hanley. Around 1877 the business moved to "extensive and modern works" at Eastwood, Hanley. Activities carried on were as 'Earthenware Manufacturers and Flint Stone and Colour Grinders'

  • In June 1896 William Tunicliff retired from the business. 

  • The company started to produce porcelain for electrical insulators and by 1898 production was almost exclusively focused on industrial business. 

  • In February 1901 the business was voluntarily wound up, having sold the business and assets to Taylor, Tunnicliff & Co (1901) Ltd.

  • In 1938, under the Chairmanship of Sir John Kent, a holding comapany was formed as Taylor, Tunnicliff (Electrical Industries) Ltd to control the Companies in the Taylor Tunnicliff group comprising: Taylor Tunnicliff & Co. Ltd., Hanley and Stone; Taylor Tunnicliff (Refractories) Limited, Longton; Electric & Ordnance Accessories Co. Ltd., Shelton; with a majority holding in Electric Transmission Ltd., at Etruria.

  • In June 1959 Taylor, Tunnicliff (Electrical Industries) Ltd entered voluntary liquidation in order to amalgamate with Bullers Ltd, the operating subsidiaries were sold to Allied Insulators Ltd.  

  • In 1959 the manufacturing facility at Eastwood, Hanley was closed and the works in Normacot Road, Longton became the head office. 

  • In 1985 when Allied Insulators became part of the Insulator Division owned by Fairey Group. This division included Doulton Insulators and Hopyard Foundries and following the acquisition operated as Allied Doulton Insulators. In 1997 this division became part of the Beauford Group.

  • A management buyout in 1999 saw Allied Insulators purchased along with Wade Ceramics to form the Wade Allied Group.

  • The business eventually became part of the Technical Ceramics Division of Mantec Group Ltd, incorporating three specialist technical ceramics companies who for many years had shared the same facilities and management. These companies were Ceramic Gas Products, Fairey Filtration Systems and Taylor Tunnicliff.

  • In January 2012, the companies were formally brought together into Mantec Technical Ceramics Ltd.

  • As of 2021 Taylor, Tunnicliff Ltd continues to exist with registered offices at the Albion Works, Uttoxeter Road, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent. 


The London Gazette
24 August 1869

notice that Richard Henry Grove had retired from the business 



The London Gazette
12 March 1901

notice that the business and assets be sold to
Taylor, Tunnicliff and Co (1901) Ltd 




Taylor, Tunnicliff, and Co., Ltd.,
china lock and door furniture manufacturers,
electrical china manufacturers, artist'
colour men, Eastwood

from..... 1907 Staffordshire Sentinel 
'Business Reference Guide to The Potteries, Newcastle & District'




Typical ware:

Between 1867 and 1898 Taylor, Tunnicliff & Co produced quality ware, often with gilt decoration.  They produced oil lamps and a wide range of biscuit barrels and other ware with silver-plate metal lids and rims.

After 1898 they focused on manufacturing 'utilitarian' objects, especially electrical insulators. 

Although in March 1901 they did register the design of a salad, biscuit and condiment set (reg no: 371386). 


biscuit barrel

Taylor, Tunnicliff & Co produced a wide range of biscuit barrels and other
ware with slver-plate metal lids 



sauce boat in the European Imari style 


vase for single flower bud 

perfume bottle in an oil-lamp design 

whisky decanter 


pin dish (4 inch dia)

in the Willow pattern



oil lamp by Taylor, Tunnicliffe & Co with a 
Hinks & Son's Patent burner 

Rd 43323

the lamp is not marked with Taylor, Tunnicliff but has a registration number which shows that the design was registered by them on 17th February 1886  



pair of oil lamps by Taylor, Tunnicliffe & Co 

the lamps incorporate the Hinks & Son's Patent oil burner 

constituent parts of the lamp 

Hinks & Son Ltd

intertwined letters T T

photos courtesy: Tony Clarke 



Marks used on ware for identification:



typical marks with the intertwined letters T T




Taylor Tunnicliffe
& Co Ltd



Granitine was a trade mark used for darkroom porcelain  


Granitine was a trade mark used by Taylor, Tunnicliff & Co for porcelain ware for photographic film developing and processing.  



T T & Co

mark generally used on electrical porcelain 


Electrical insulators:

From 1898 Taylor, Tunnicliff & Co focused almost entirely on manufacturing industrial ware, particularly electrical insulators. 



1922 advert for Taylor, Tunnicliff & Co Ltd "Insulators of Quality" 

courtesy: Grace's Guide 



Taylor Tunnicliff
Porcelain Insulation

Prestige and Progress - A Survey of Industrial North Staffordshire
1955 publication of North Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce - page 70




low voltage electrical insulator by Taylor, Tunnicliff & Co 

typical T T & Co England mark



The Pottery Gazette
January 1 1906 

article on Mr. Thomas Taylor, J.P. and the Taylor, Tunnicliff company

Note the misspelling of the name Tunnicliff (with a letter 'e' on the end')



The selection warehouse at Taylor, Tunnicliff's Eastwood factory, Hanley

Image courtesy of: Mr Phillip Leason

photo: 1930 - Staffordshire Past Track



The Albion Works between Normacot Road and Uttoxeter Road, Longton

St. James Church is on the left 

photos: 1953 Britain from Above  



The Taylor Tunnicliff Electrical Porcelain Factory, Stone

the Trent & Mersey Canal is to the top of the works 

photos: 1953 Britain from Above  


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