Washington Pottery (Staffordshire) Ltd


Location and period of operation:

Washington Pottery Ltd

Shelton (Hanley)




Earthenware manufacturer at the Washington Works, Shelton, (Hanley), Stoke-on-Trent

  • The business was run by the Tittensor family who also owned the Bridge Street Pottery, Burslem. 

  • The company specialised in hotel and catering ware as well as domestic tea sets and fancy ware. 

  • 1951 & 1960 Pottery Gazette Reference Book records company officers as: Managing Director - S. H. Tittensor, Works Manager - E. Winkle. 

  • In 1963 the firm was granted a worldwide licence to manufacture memorabilia featuring the Beatles pop group, including souvenir plates, mugs, sugar and milk jugs, egg cups and cereal bowls. 

  • In 1970 the company became English Ironstone Pottery Ltd. 


Formerly: Swinnertons

Subsequently: English Ironstone Pottery Ltd


Washington Pottery Limitd

1956 Pottery Gazette Reference Book 



typical dinner set - produced for export


Washington Pottery

the 'B' indicates that this ware was produced under the Wartime Concentration Scheme 


photos courtesy: Daniel Paz Condoleo (Buenos Aries, Argentina)



Traditional tea set in the Blue Riband pattern 


 Washington pottery check plates
date: 1957




Washington Pottery had a worldwide licence to manufacture memorabilia featuring the Beatles




"Aquarius" (Fish Series) Ironstone Fish Plates

 Washington Pottery introduced a series of this shape and pattern style
it was continued by the subsequent company English Ironstone Pottery 



a trio of cup, saucer & side plate produced for the Woman's Institute

this ware has the logo of the Woman's Institute "For Home and Country"

the number '61' indicates that the ware was produced in 1961


photos courtesy: Alison & Robin Powell 



Marks used on ware for identification:

Washington Pottery Ltd


sometimes the year of manufacture was included in the mark


Blue Riband
Washington Pottery Ltd
Hanley  England

Blue Riband is the pattern name

(Fish Series)
Ironstone Tableware
Washington Pottery 
Staffordshire  England


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