Wood, Chesswas & Co

Wood, Ratcliffe & Blood


Location and period of operation:

Wood, Chesswas & Co

Wood, Ratcliffe & Blood

Lane End


May 1827

April 1827

Aug 1827  


Earthenware manufacturer at the St. Gregory's Pottery, High Street, Lane End, Stoke-on-Trent, England
  • The partners were Stephen Wood, Thomas Edensor Chesswas, William Ratcliffe and Thomas Blood.

  • Chesswas left this partnership at the end of April 1827. The business continued as Wood, Ratcliffe & Blood.

  • William Ratcliffe left this partnership in July 1827. The business continued as Wood & Blood

  • Chesswas, Wood & Blood were also in partnership with William Ratcliffe as Ratcliffe & Co., 'Makers of Blue' in the Shelton township. Chesswas left this partnership in April 1827 and Wood & Blood  July 1827 - William Ratcliffe then continued that business alone.


Subsequently:  Wood & Blood



The London Gazette
4 May 1827

notice that Thomas Edensor Chesswas left the partnership




The London Gazette
10 August 1827

notice of the dissolution of the partnership between
Wood, Ratcliffe and Blood

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