Worthington & Green


Location and period of operation:

Worthington and Green



July 1866


Earthenware and Parian manufacturer at the Brook Street Works in Brook Street, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent

  • The works were also known as the 'Booden Brook Works' 

  • The partners were Thomas Worthington of Mill Street, Shelton and James Green of John Street, Shelton.

  • An advert for the subsequent company, Worthington & Son, gives the start date as 'Established 1842' 

  • At some time Bamford appears to have been in a partnership with John Bamford, which was dissolved in 1858 resulting an a number of auctons of ware.

  • The partnership between Worthington & Green was dissolved in July 1866



Subsequently:- Worthington & Son 

on Thomas Worthington


The Huddersfield Chronicle
20th November 1858

notification of the auction of china and earthenware
following the dossolution of a partnership
between Messrs. Worthington & Green and Mr. Bamford 

- John Bamford -

Similar auctions were adveristed in The Sheffield Gazette and The Birmingham Journal



The London Gazette, December 18 1866

Notice of the dissolution of the
partnership between Worthington & Green


Parian ware jug - the tea leaf readers 



Marks used on ware for identification:


Impressed mark on
raised pad on parian ware



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