Henry Alcock & Co (Ltd)  


Location and period of operation:

Henry Alcock & Co (Ltd)





Manufacturer of earthenwares at Cobridge, Stoke-on-Trent, England

  • The firm of Henry Alcock was started in 1861 at the Elder Pottery in Cobridge formerly operated by John Alcock. 

  • General earthenwares were produced including white graniteware produced under the names "Ironstone China" and Parisian porcelain" exclusively for the American markets. 

  • The firm continued at Cobridge until 1910 when the Clarence Works at Stoke were engaged. The firm then continued at Stoke under the name 'The Henry Alcock Pottery' until 1935.

Formerly: John Alcock (1853-61)

Subsequently: Soho Pottery (1906-1944) 

Henry Alcock & Co Ltd became 'The Henry Alcock Pottery' based at Clarence Works, Stoke (1910-35) 



Alcock's Semi-China
Spiral Shape
Henry Alcock & Co Ltd

Pottery Gazette - January 1906



The Elder Works in Cobridge, Stoke-on-Trent

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see a 'walk' around the Cobridge area where the potworks were located

Plate inthe ORIENTAL pattern
mark is below..

This plate was given as a wedding gift to Christopher Schmidt and Ernestine Petzold on 11th January1863. 
Therefore due to the wedding date it was made in 1861 or 1862. 

Courtesy: Julie Brown


Initials and names used on ware for identification:

H.A. & Co

initials used 1861-80, 
The name of the pattern is often included


name used 1880-1910
'ENGLAND' added from 1891
'LTD' added from 1900


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