Allied English Potteries Ltd


Period of operation:

Allied English Potteries Ltd

June 1964



The Lawley Group had grown from a retailer of glassware and ceramics in 1908 to  the owner of numerous pottery manufacturing companies by 1964. 
  • In 1964 the Pearson Group, the Lawley Group's ultimate owner, purchased Thomas C. Wild & Sons Ltd and the Lawley Group was renamed Allied English Potteries Ltd with Ridgway Potteries Ltd, Royal Crown Derby Ltd and Thomas Wild & Sons Ltd as independently operating subsidiaries. 

  • From June 1964 the much enlarged Lawley Group changed its name to Allied English Potteries. Although the LAWLEY name continued to appear on some ware.

  • Allied English Potteries Ltd's manufacturing subsidiaries included..

  • In 1966 the businesses of Shore & Coggins Ltd and Chapmans (Longton) Ltd - both subsidiaries of Thomas C. Wild and Sons Ltd - were closed to allow expansion of the Royal Albert and Paragon brands.

  • In November 1971 the Pearson Group purchased Doulton & Co. Ltd ('Royal Doulton') and in the consequent restructuring of ownership and shareholdings, Allied English Potteries Ltd became a subsidiary of Royal Doulton.

  • From the 1st January 1973 the many Allied English Potteries businesses came under the banner of Royal Roulton Tableware Ltd. 

much of this information courtesy of... Michael Perry 'A Handbook of British Pottery Manufacturers 1900-2010' 


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