G M Creyke & Sons


Location and period of operation:

G M Creyke & Sons




Earthenware manufacturer at the Bell Works, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent

  • Originally in partnership with a Henry Boulton as Metal Mounters and Decorators at the New Hall Metal Works in New Hall Street, Hanley. The partnership was liquidated in August 1899. 

  • In 1907 George Marshall Creyke operated as a pottery decorator and 'metal mounter' in Marsh Street Hanley - he was obviously sucessfull as he lived at Wetley Abbey, Cheddleton. 

  • By 1920 he was manufacturing pottery at the Bell Works and used his expertise as a metal mounter to produce a teapot with a non-drip metal spout. 

  • By 1922 the premises had been taken over by the Bell Pottery Company and by G. M. Creyke and Sons.   

  • 1922 Listed Exhibitor - British Industries Fair. Manufacturers of General Earthenware, including Toilet Sets, Tea Sets, Tea Ware, Jugs, Pudding Bowls; also Teapots and Hot-water Jugs in Samian, Rockingham and Solid Green. 

  • 1929 Listed Exhibitor - British Industries Fair. Manufacturers of Semi-porcelain Tea-sets, Dinner-sets, Jugs, Fruit-sets, Pudding Bowls, Butters, Mugs, Flowerpots, Vases, Sandwich-sets, etc. Rockingham, Samian, and Solid Green Teapots, Jugs, Sugars and Creams, and Stands. Metal Covered goods a speciality.

  • Both the Bell Pottery Company and G. M. Creyke and Sons were still working there in 1940. Only Creyke was recorded as still in operation by 1947 but they had ceased by 1948. 

  • The Bell Pottery Company and G. M. Creyke were voluntarily liquidated in 1947


London Gazette
29 September 1899


notice of the dissolution of the partnership between
George Marshall Creyke and Henry Boulton
Metal Mounters and Decorators 



from..... 1907 Staffordshire Sentinel 
'Business Reference Guide to The Potteries, Newcastle & District'



Wetley Abbey - the home of George Marshall Creyke
previously Wetley Abbey (which had never actually been an Abbey) was the home of 
George Miles Mason of the famous Mason family of potters


Mr Alderman Thomas Hampton JP
Mayor 1878-9 and 1906-7 

mug - transfer printed by G M Creyke in 1907 produced to commemorate 
the 150th anniversary of the incorporation of the townships of Hanley 
and Shelton to form the municipal borough of Hanley


on the other side of the mug are the 
Arms of the County Borough of Hanley 

- more on the Arms of Hanley -


Transfered by
G. M. Creyke 
Chromo Transfer Co Ltd 

the Chromo Transfer Co Ltd was in liquidation in 1908 and 1939
but managed to continue until 1982 when it was finally wound up



typical chinz teapot made by G M Creyke 


royal blue, with a country cottage scene in a border around the top

The octagonal teapot shape has the registered design number 691169 (dated 1922)
The metal 'non-drop' pewter spout has the patent number 18148/22 (also dated 1922)



Marks used on ware for identification:


RD No. 691169


RD No. 691169
PAT.No. 18148/22

the mark of G M Creyke & Sons
sometimes appears as an impressed mark 


London Gazette
27 December 1949

notification of the liquidation of the Bell Pottery Co Ltd
and G M Creyke & Sons Ltd

the voluntary liquidation of both companies had taken place in 1947


map from 1947 Pottery Gazette & Glass Trade Review 
14 marks the Bell Works of G M Creyke & Sons

9 Coopers (Anchor Pottery), Ltd.

10 New Hall Pottery Co., Ltd.

11 Dudson Bros., Ltd.

12 New Pearl Pottery Co., Ltd.

13 Diamond Tile Co., Ltd.

14 G. M. Creyke & Sons, Ltd.

15 Wulstan Pottery, Ltd.

16 Geo. L. Ashworth & Bros., Ltd.

17 Alcock, Lindley & Bloore, Ltd.

18 Swinnertons, Ltd., and Alcock, Lindley & Bloore, Ltd.

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the Bell Works in 1933 

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