The Grindley Hotel Ware Co Ltd

Grindley Hotel Ware                    1908 - 19 January 1933

The Grindley Hotel Ware Co Ltd    19 January 1933 - 31 December 1979

The Duraline Hotel Ware Co Ltd    31 December 1979 - 1 June 1996

Dudson Duraline Ltd                    1 June 1996 


Location and period of operation:

The Grindley Hotel Ware Co Ltd



Dec 1979


 Manufacturer of earthenware hotel and catering ware at the Globe Pottery, Scotia Road, Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent, England.

  • The business was started in 1908 by William Harry Grindley who was the principal partner of the nearby business of W.H. Grindley & Co which was originally founded in 1880.

"W. H. Grindley & Co., the progressive firm of Tunstall earthenware manufacturers, have commenced the erection of a commodious new model factory, which is expected to be in full working trim before the spring is over. It is to be built on a site in Scotia-road, adjoining the Chatterley- Whitfield wharf, and will occupy an area of about 7,000 square yards. 
The factory will all be built on one story, and is intended to supply exclusively hotel ware. Its cost is to be between £8,000 and £10,000, and the contract has been let to Mr. James Grant, of Cobridge. There are to be four ovens, a special dippers’ drying tower is being installed, and the paving is to be stone sets, special arrangements being made to ensure perfect drainage. The most up-to-date machinery is to be installed, and the works will find employment for a large number of workpeople."

The Pottery Gazette - March 1908

  • In May 1908 the announcement was made that 'The Grindley Hotel Ware Co. Ltd.' had been registered with a capital of £15,000 in £1 shares to adopt an agreement with W. H. Grindley and J. H. Fleming. The subscribers W. H. Grindley, Mrs S. T. Grindley, J. H. Fleming, Miss A. M. Fleming, C. Bailey, Mrs A. J. C. Bailey, D. G. Norman.

  • The company was sold in 1920 and became part of H. T. Robinson's Cauldon Potteries Ltd - the business continued as Grindley Hotel Ware.

  •  Following the liquidation of the umbrella company Cauldon Potteries Ltd in 1932 the Grindley Hotel Hotel Ware Co was voluntary wound up on the 19 January 1933.

  • In January 1933 the business was re-formed under the management of John Goddard and Joseph Harrison.

  • It was around the early 1930's that the trade name 'Duraline' was adopted. 

  • In 1952 the business was acquired by Dudson Bros. and it continued to trade as the Grindley Hotel Hotel Ware Co - a member of the Dudson Group. 

  • At the end of 1979 the company incorporated its trade name into its title and became The Duraline Hotel Ware Co Ltd. 

  • 1st June 1996 saw another name change to Dudson Duraline Ltd


Originaly a sister company of W.H. Grindley & Co  


London Gazette
30 December 1932

notice of the voluntary winding up of
The Grindley Hotel Ware Company
on 23rd December 1932


London Gazette
11 April 1974

notice that The Grindley Hotel Ware Company
intend to register land off Scotia Road, Tunstall



When the company was registered in 1908 it was "to carry on the business of pottery manufacturers, and dealers in earthenware, sanitary ware, china, porcelain, parian and other ceramic ware, bricks, tiles, &c." 


Small Duraline milk jug
made in March 1963 

Grindley Gravy Boat 



Plate for Clare College, Cambridge University 

Barrett & Son Ltd is  be the name of the retailer
11-50 is the date of manufacture - November 1950



Ware for the Catherdral Hotel 

Marked: Gibson & Patterson PTY LTD Sydney
(who were agents for the Grindley Hotel Company in Australia and New Zealand)

The Gibsons and Paterson 


W. A. G. R.
Dining & refreshment Service

 produced for the Western Australian Government Railways
and imported via
Gibson & Patterson 

this cup was found in an old townsite called Youanmi (now abandoned) 
near Sandstone Western Australia

Super Vitrified
Grindley Hotel Ware Co
Gibsons and Paterson  PTY LD



Gibsons and Paterson  LD

March 1939

Gibsons and Paterson  PTY LD
Australia & N Z

March 1954


Crest of the Niarara Falls 

Standish Hall Hotel 
A. E. B.


Grindley Hotel Ware Co made catering ware for hotels,
restaurants and organisations all over the world


Marks used on ware for identification:

Early ware is marked "Grindley Hotel Ware" with a crown

From c.1932 ware was marked with the month and year of manufacture
this practice was continued was the business was taken over by Dudson.

From c.1996 just the year of manufacture was marked 




trade names of Grindley Hotel Ware Co

Duraline was predominately used 
marks with the DURALINE trade name introduced c.1932+ 


Grindley  Hotelware

early mark 1908+ 


Grindley Hotelware
Made in England

later mark in the period up to 1932 


from a plate produced for for RAF canteens 
recovered from an old WWII Bomb Dump (RAF Turweston, Buckinghamshire)

photo courtesy: Garth Barnard

Under the Wartime Concentration Scheme Grindley was one of the potteries allowed to continued production during the Second World War.

A number of pottery companies that produced catering ware also produced ware for the armed forces canteens during the war time, sometime they were marked with the Cypher for King George VI instead of the A, B, C letters.




Hotelware Co

marks with the DURALINE trade name introduced c.1932+ 

10-61 is the date of manufacture - October 1961


Hotelware Co

Cassidy's would be the name of a retailer
3-63 is the date of manufacture - March 1963

Hotelware Co

7-78 is the date of manufacture - July 1978 

Gibsons & Patterson
Co Ltd
Made in 

2-86 is the date of manufacture - February 1986 


Super Vitrified
Made in England

2-89 is the date of manufacture - February 1989 

BS 4034 is a "Specification for the requirements for resistance 
to water absorption and crazing of vitrified hotelware"


manufactured in 1992



manufactured in 1995

the 1800 is the date Richard Dudson opened his works 

Pottery Gazette & Glass Trade Review 
Reference Book Directory, 1947

7 Hollinshead & Kirkham

8 Johnson Bros. (Hanley), Ltd.

9 Grenville Pottery, Ltd.

10 W. H. Grindley & Co., Ltd.

11 Thos. Dean & Sons, Ltd.

12 A. G. Richardson & Co., Ltd.

13 Grindley Hotel Ware Co., Ltd.

14 Wedgwood & Co., Ltd.



1937 map showing the Scotia Road area of Tunstall

Globe Pottery (red) of the Grindley Hotel Ware Co. Ltd

Woodland Pottery (blue) of W.H. Grindley & Co. Ltd



Works in 2017
The old buildings of the original Globe Pottery can still be seen 


Sign on the works in 2017


Dudson Ltd
Duraline Site 

The faded shadow of the previous sign can still be seen:

The Duraline Hotel Ware Co Ltd
A Dudson Factory

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