Thomas Mayer


Location and period of operation:

Thomas Mayer





Earthenware manufacturer at the Cliff Bank Works, Stoke from c.1826-1835 and then at Dale Hall Works, Longport Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, England. 
  • Thomas Mayer (1800-55), after leaving school, was employed at the earthenware manufacturer Wilson & Breeze.  

  • From around 1826 he leased the Cliff Bank Works in Stoke and operated on his own account. Around 1836 he left the Cliff Bank Works and moved to the Dale Hall Works.

  • Thomas Mayer was a prolific manufacturer of blue (also brown, green, pink) printed ware, much was exported to the American market. The firm produced a large earthenware table described as the 'chef-ďoeuvre of the potter's art'. They introduced many improvements in manufacture especially in polychromatic bisque printing.

  • Around 1838 he was joined by his brother John and they operated as T & J Mayer


Previously: Joseph Stubbs  

Subsequently:  T & J Mayer



Blue transfer ware plate with The Arms of Rhode Island - one of a series of Arms of the American States by Thomas Mayer 

printed mark of an eagle with the motto of the Great Seal of the United States - E PLURIBUS UNUM 
"Out of many one" on a scroll 

some marks also include an impressed 
circular mark with MAYER STOKE

 c. 1826-1835 




Red transferware plate - one of the Mogul Scenery series   

T. Mayer

impressed mark  

 c. 1826-1835 



one of the Mogul Scenery series



Canova, Thomas Mayer "A series of patterns known also in pink and purple [as well as blue]. The central scenes all include a large urn and the border consists of scenic vignettes alternating with floral reserves" Coysh and Henrywood, 'The Dictionary of Blue and White Printed Pottery 1780-1880"


Patterns with the name 'Canova' were also produced by J. & M. P. Bell & Co., David Methven & Sons, George Phillips. 

T Mayer
Stoke upon Trent

 CANOVA is the pattern name
marks with Stoke upon Trent were produced at the Cliff Bank Works c.1826-1835



Blue and white dish with a variation on the Canova pattern 

T Mayer


marks with Longport were produced at the Dale Hall Works c.1836-1838




Marks used on ware for identification:






STOKE UPON TRENT indicates a 1826-35 date




LONGPORT indicates a 1836-38 date



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