Dale Hall Works, Burslem
Founded in 1790

"The extensive works at Dale Hall (or Dale Hole, as it used to be written), founded in 1790 originally belonged to Joseph Stubbs - a successful manufacturer of earthenware during the 1822-5 period, who having retired from business, died in 1836. He was succeeded in about 1843 by Messrs. Thomas, John & Joshua Mayer, who from 1855 traded as Mayer Brothers & Elliot, and from them the works passed through the firms of Mayer & Elliot, Liddle, Elliot, & Co., Bates, Elliot & Co., Bates, Walker & Co., and Bates, Gildea & Walker to the firm of Gildea & Walker during the 1881-6 period."

Jewitt's "Ceramic Art of Great Britain 1800-1900", 


the works were operted by Dunn Bennett & Co Ltd
from c.1937 to c.1998 


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The skyline of Dale Hall
The Mersey Weaver Wharf - Burslem Branch Canal
note the amazing number of bottle ovens on the skyline
The skyline is the district known as Dale Hall - between Burslem and Longport


From To Occupier Comments
1790 ?? ???? Dale Hall works was founded in 1790
c.1822 1835 Joseph Stubbs NOTE: in the directories there is an overlap in the operation between "Joseph Stubbs" and "Stubbs & Kent" 
Note: Joseph Stubbs died in 1836. 
c.1828 1830 Stubbs & Kent
1835 1843 ?????
c.1843 1855 T.J.&J. Mayer (Mayer Bros) "Joseph Stubbs" ..... "succeeded in about 1843 by Messrs. Thomas, John & Joshua Mayer"
1855 1858 Mayer Bros & Elliot "who from 1855 traded as Mayer Brothers & Elliot"
1858 1861 Mayer & Elliot
1862 1871 Liddle Elliot & Son
1870 1875 Bates, Elliot & Co  
1875 1878 Bates, Walker & Co  
1878 1881 Bates, Gildea & Walker  
1881 1885 Gildea & Walker  
1885 1888 James Gildea (& Co)  
1887 1936(7) Keeling & Co (Ltd)  Note - in 1892 the Dale Hall Pottery Co were in operation
1937 (?) 1998(?) Dunn Bennett & Co Ltd Dunn Bennett became part of the Royal Doulton Group and then eventually ceased operation 
- the last occupied works (Dalehall Works) became the site of the new Steellite hotel ware manufacturing and warehousing site. 
1998(?) Steelite International  Steelite International was established in 1983, following the purchase of the hotelware division of Royal Doulton


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