Job Meigh (& Son)


Location and period of operation:

Job Meigh & Son 




Earthenware manufacturer at the Old Hall Works, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent

  • Job Meigh built the Old Hall Works in 1790 and entered into partnership with Peter Walthall

  • In November 1802 Wilthall left the business and Job Meigh continued on his own account

  • In 1812 Job Meigh's son joined the business 


Previously: Meigh & Walthall 

Subsequently: Charles Meigh


Initials & names used on ware for identification:




J M & S
['& S' is c.1812 to 1834] 




shown above are examples of marks used by 
Chinese porcelain manufacturers 

The Meigh family (& other potters) added similar
marks to their ware to give the impression of the orient
to their ware even though it was produced in England.



this style of mark was also used
by Charles Meigh and Charles Meigh & Son



Improved Stone China 
around the border: Meigh Hanley

other wording included "Indian Stone China" or "French China" 

Enamel Porcelain 

marks recorded in Godden's 'Encyclopaedia of British Pottery and porcelain Marks'

these style of marks were also used by Charles Meigh and Charles Meigh & Son 




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