John Meir


Location and period of operation:

John Meir





Earthenware manufacturers at the Greengates Pottery, Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent, England.
  • John Meir was producing pottery at the Greengates Pottery works from 1812. The works were in the hands of the Adams family of potters.

  • In 1826 Meir purchased the Greengates Pottery from Benjamin Adams.

  • By 1836 John had taken his son Henry into business with him and they traded as John Meir & Son


Subsequently: John Meir & Son  


blue & white transferware bowl with a pastoral scene of boys fishing

"River Fishing. John Meir. A country scene showing two boys fishing in a river and cows standing in the water. There is a mill, a wooden bridge, some cottages, and a church spire and a country house in the distance. The border consists of wild roses against a stippled background. Several examples of the design are known with the impressed mark 'Meir' although many are unmarked and a few have only an impressed crown."  

The Dictionary of Blue & White Printed Pottery 1780-1880, Coysh & Henrywood.

Stone China

this printed mark sometimes appears on ware with this pattern 

the squiggle marks were added (after the style of Chinese porcelain manufacturers) to give the impression of the orient to their ware even though it was produced in England.



impressed mark






Marks & initials used on ware for identification:


J. M.

I. M

NOTE: "IM" is sometimes used instead of "JM" 
These initials are incorporated in
printed marks - often including the name of the pattern



"Impressed Mark from a blue-printed earthenware dinner plate"

courtesy: R. K. Henrywood,
Staffordshire Potters 1781-1900



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