Thomas Stirrup


Location and period of operation:

Thomas Stirrup

Lane End




China manufacturer at the Peel Works, Flint Street (Stafford Street), Lane End (Longton), Stoke-on-Trent, England.

  • Probably in partnership as Stirrup & Beardmore from c.1809+

Subsequently: Bell, Deakin & Proctor


By 1813, years of war with France, and later the United States, had pushed Britain's businesses to the brink of bankruptcy. 

The pottery manufacturers were no exception, and over 60, including Thomas Stirrup, produced a notice calling for a meeting at Hanley Town Hall to organise a peace petition. 

1818 Staffordshire general & commercial directory, 
by W. Parson and T. Bradshaw

Stirrup Thomas, earthenware manufacturer, Flint Street 


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