Viaduct Works, Longton

Viaduct Works, Caroline Street, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent.


"Viaduct Works - Established in Caroline Street in about 1836. 

This manufactory passed into the hands of Cooper, Nixon & Co in 1863, and to Cooper & Dethick in 1876. They produced plain and printed earthenware of the ordinary kinds, and drab and other coloured bodies, both for the home and foreign markets.

The mark is the initials of the firm (C & D), who continued to 1888 and were succeeded by William Cooper & Sons from 1888 to 1891"

Source: "Jewitt's Ceramic Art of Great Britain 1800-1900" 

NOTE: some of the dates that Jewitt records are incorrect - see the table below for more accurate dates of the partnerships - verified from The London Gazette.


From To Occupier Comments
1836 ?    

Although Jewitt records "works established about 1836 in Caroline Street"  construction work on the Stoke to Derby railway did not start until 1846 and Longton railway station was not opened until August 1848. 

Either the 1836 is a typo in Jewitt or there was an existing potworks on the site  from 1836 which was later renamed the Viaduct Works.  

1850 1852 Yale, Barker & Hall George Yale "of Barker, Yale & Co., manufacturers" died in October 1852, age 62 - Staffordshire Advertiser 23 October 1852
1852 1854 ? Barker & Hall Barker & Hall recorded at the Viaduct Works, Caroline Street in 1852 (Slater Directory)  and 1854 (Kelly Directory)  
1856 ? Barker & Hill Barker & Hill recorded at Caroline Street in 1856 (Kelly Directory) NOTE: This maybe a typo for Barker & Hall.
Nov 1861 1863 Lowe & Abberley Thomas Lower & James Abberley operated at the Viaduct Works until 1863 when they moved to the Waterloo Works 
1863 Oct 1875 Cooper, Nixon & Co The partners were William Cooper, Joseph Nixon and William Dethick.
Oct 1875 Sept 1882 Cooper & Dethick In September 1882 William Dethick retired from the business which was continued by William Cooper. 
Sept 1882 1891 William Cooper & Sons  
1893 1915 Dewes & Copestake Dewes & Copestake were variously described as both manufacturers and merchants of China and Earthenware.



1857 map showing the location of the Viaduct Works on Caroline Street, Longton
The name of the works comes from the Viaduct which carries the railway line from Stoke to Derby

to the right of the Viaduct Works can be seen the Island House of John Carey



1898 map showing the Viaduct Works, Caroline Street
1898 map showing the Viaduct Works, Caroline Street
[named the Viaduct Works because of the nearby
presence of the viaduct carrying the railway]

 - see larger section of 1898 map-



The town centre, Longton, from the south-west, 1927

Red oval - The Viaduct Works
White line - Caroline Street
Light blue rectangle - Station Bridge carrying the Stoke to Derby railway
Yellow rectangle - the viaduct over Caroline Street 
Orange rectangle - The Island House (this was drained in the early 1920s) 



The town centre, Longton, from the south-west, 1927

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