Bishop & Stonier


Location and period of operation:

Bishop & Stonier

Stafford Street



China and Earthenware manufacturer at the Stafford Street Works and the Church Works, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent


Formerly: Powell, Bishop & Stonier [1878-1891]

Stafford Street, Hanley

1893 trade journal entry on Bishop & Stonier


Initials used on ware for identification:

B & S


[trade name]


[trade name]

printed marks used c.1891- 1936.....

This mark  was registered as a trade mark by 
Powell, Bishop & Stonier in 1880 the mark was also used by 
subsequent partnerships including Bishop & Stonier.


This mark (Caduceus) was registered as a trade mark by 
Powell & Bishop in 1876 the mark was also used by 
subsequent partnerships including Bishop & Stonier.

The "BISTO" trade name was only used by
Bishop and Stonier and often appeared (but not always) with
the two marks shown above.

printed marks used c.1899 - 1936.....

[Semi Imperial Porcelain] 
the staff and serpents mark appears
in the shield on this mark

[Ironstone China] 

these two printed marks are similar in style
 to that introduced by Powell & Bishop

tureens in the CYPRUS pattern 


the registration number 43546 dates from 1904 



Boscobel Pattern Tureen set 
marked Bishop And Stonier England / Imperial Semi Porcelain. 

Bishop & Stonier began producing Aztec Ware in the 1920's, 

This large fruit bowl or punch bowl perhaps measures 10 1/4 inches in diameter, and just over 5 inches in height.  
It features a Shakespearian repeating pattern of attendants and verse that reads: "May good digestion wait on appetite and health on both better be merry with the fruitful grape than sadder after none, or bitter, fruit.  Unborn to-morrow and dead."

The bowl has a bluish/black transfer printed border with hand-painted gold lustre and green leafy details.  The characters are mostly hand-painted with a bright, vibrant lustre-type paint.





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