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S Bridgwood & Son




Sampson Bridgwood & Sons Ltd, Anchor Pottery, Sutherland Road, Longton,Stoke-on-Trent were earthenware manufacturers (also china up to 1887).

They were established in 1805 and moved to the Anchor Pottey in 1853. The company closed in the 1990s. 

 Although the company appears to have ceased producing china in the late 19th century they continued to use tradenames such as 'semi-porcelain', 'porcelaine opaque' and 'limoges' for their earthenwares. 

If the ware is translucent when help up to the light (i.e. you can see light through it) then it was probably made c.1890, just as the 'England' mark was being phased in and before china production ceased. If it does not transmit light then it is a type of earthenware and could be a little later than 1890. 

In the 20th century Bridgwood's replaced 'England' with 'Made in England'.

Sampson Bridgwood & Son
Anchor Pottery, Longton

 The Pottery Gazette, American and Canadian Edition, January 1st 1880




Initials used on ware for identification:


'porcelaine opaque' 



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