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Location and period of operation:

Cartwright & Edwards


1859  (8?)

Feb 1987*

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Earthenware and china manufacturer at Longton and Heron Cross, Stoke-on-Trent.  

In the19th century the firm produced most classes of earthenware and extended their range to bone china in the 20th century. Cartwright and Edwards also held the Victoria Pottery by 1912. 

The firm became a subsidiary of Alfred Clough Ltd. in 1955 and both the Victoria Pottery and the Borough Pottery were sold to the Manor Engineering Company. 

The Victoria Pottery was demolished and the Victoria Foundry built on the site. In 1960 Cartwright and Edwards Ltd. occupied the newly-built Newborough and Sutherland Potteries, not far from the former Borough Pottery.

The Victoria Foundry (to the left of the picture) built on the site of the Edwards Victoria Pottery


EDWARDS, Aaron (1832-1908), pottery manufacturer, Longton

AE was born in Longton on 1 August 1832. 

He was co-founder in 1858 of the firm of Cartwright and Edwards, Warren Street, Longton. In 1868-9 they built the Borough Pottery in Trentham Road, Longton, making use of machinery for nearly all processes. 

AE served on the Longton Board of Guardians and was mayor of Longton in 1874, 1896-9, and 1907-8. He was created alderman in 1875. He represented Longton on Staffordshire county council. He was a member of the Methodist New Connexion, and was associated with Zion chapel, Longton. He served on the board of several local building societies. In politics he was a Liberal, supporting sanitary reform and borough extension. He played a leading role in securing the Sutherland Institute as the Central School for Science and Technology and School of Art.

He died on 8 July 1908.


tea set by Cartwright & Edwards

Initials and marks used on ware for identification:


C & E

C & E Ltd
[ "LTD" added to the mark c.1926+]

[trade name, introduced c.1926+]

[trade name, introduced c.1936+]

[trade name, introduced c.1912+]



Period of operation at the various works:

Borough Pottery:   1869 -
Victoria Works: 1912 - 1955
Longton & Heron Cross Pottery: 1916 - ?
Newborough and Sutherland Potteries: 1960 - ?

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