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Davison & Sons





Earthenware manufacturer at the Bleak Hill Works, Cobridge, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, England.
  • Davison & Son produced general earthenware for domestic and export. The mark sometime used was a shield with a picture of the "Bleak Hills".

  • Hales, Hancock & Godwin were their London agents and they had overseas agents in Canada, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and East Africa. 

  • In 1951 the joint managing directors were Anthony Davison and John Davison. 

  • In 1952 the business was acquired by Swinnertons Ltd.  



Warburton St.,

Davison and Son, 
earthenware manufacturers


from..... 1907 Staffordshire Sentinel 
'Business Reference Guide to The Potteries, Newcastle & District'



Davison & Son Ltd, Earthenware Manufacturers
Dinner, Tea and Breakfast Ware
Bleak Hill Works, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent

1951 Pottery Gazette directory 





part of a dinner set in the Indian Tree pattern

Davison & Son
Indian Tree



platter in a hand painted pattern with gilt border


Davidson & Son Ltd

typical mark with a shield and
a picture of the "Bleak Hills" 

matching serving dish 


the letter 'B' shows that this dish was made
under the Wartime Concentration Scheme

photos courtesy: Eunice Young


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