Jones and Walley


Location and period of operation:

Jones and Walley



Feb 1845


Earthenware manufacturer at the Villa Pottery, Cobridge, Stoke-on-Trent, England.
  • The partners were Elijah Jones and Edward Walley. Jones had previously operated on his own for a couple of years (c.1834-35) and then was joined by Walley. 

  • Most of the output was relief moulded jugs - they also produced smaller quantities of transferware decorated jugs and plates. 

  • In February 1845 Elijah Jones left the business and Edward Walley continued on his own account. 

Previously: Elijah Jones

Subsequently: Edward Walley  


Date of operation: 

Godden 'Encyclopedia of British Pottery and Porcelain Marks' gives the dates of operation as 1841-43. 

However Jewitt's 'Ceramic Art of Great Britain 1800-1900 - revised' states about the Villa Pottery: 'From about 1835 to 1845, it was carried on by Jones & Walley.' From 1845 until 1865, Edward Walley continued the Villa Pottery'.

A notice in the London Gazette gives the date of dissolution of the partnership as 19th February 1845. 

Therfore the date range of 1841-43 appears to be incorrect and 1835 to 1845 is prefered. 




London Gazette
21 Feb 1845

notice of the dissolution of the partnership 



relief moulded earthenware jug in the Gipsey pattern

Published July 1, 1842
Jones & Walley

'published by..' is not the same as a registered design number 

this style of mark was continued by the successor company - Edward Walley





hand painted syrup jug registered design 7122
the pattern was first registered on 13 May 1843 


This syrup jug with a twisted vine handle and raised bunches of grapes was a popular pattern of Jones & Walley, it was produced both undecorated and with a number of different patterns.  

Originally the jug would have a metal lid.



transferware decorated plate  - Amaranthine Flowers pattern
Stone china
J & W

Courtesy: Transferware news - Reynardine Publishing Feb 2017



hand painted transferware with gilt - in the Imari style


Marks & initials used on ware for identification:

Jones & Walley

name in full usually found on moulded ware

J & W

initials found on transferware
the name of the pattern is sometimes included


Published July 1, 1842
Jones & Walley

gipsey is the pattern name 

impressed or relief "published by" marks occur on 
moulded jugs, etc., with the date of introduction of the design

Registered No. 7122 
13 May 1843
Jones & Walley

the registration diamond gives the 
same date for the registration of the pattern 



1879 map showing the Villa Pottery in Cobridge

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