Bates, Walker & Co


Location and period of operation:

Bates Walker & Co




 Earthenware and porcelain manufacturer at the Dale Hall Works, Longport, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent.


Formerly: Bates Elliot & Co [1870-75]

Subsequently: Bates, Gildea & Walker  [1878-81]


London Gazette, December 3, 1875

Bates, Walker & Co were exhibitors in the British Section of the
International Exhibition of 1876, Philadelphia


London Gazette, September 3, 1878

notice of the dissolution of the partnership
between William Bates and John Walker



Cup and Saucer in the bamboo pattern


Plate in a brown transfer ware version of the bamboo pattern


Chamber pot in the Cyprus pattern

Cream jug in the Etruscan Vase pattern 




Initials and marks used on ware for identification:

B W & Co

as an impressed
or printed mark

& CO

B W & Co
in a belt mark

CYPRUS is the pattern name 

English Porcelain 

B W & Co
in a belt mark with a crown on the top
and the kneeling potter inside

also with an impressed mark:
Bates & Walker


B. W. & Co

the registration diamond gives the
date when the bamboo pattern was
first registered: 8th February 1876

The previous company of Bates & Elliot introduced 
this kneeling nude potter mark and it was used by 
successive owners of the Dale Hall potworks.

on this mark

this mark includes both and impressed and printed B. W. & Co

the impressed 5/78 is a date mark - indicating 
that the ware was produced in May 1878 

the Poonah pattern was first registered
on the 5th September 1876 

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the hand painted numbers & letters were used
to show the identifiaction of the painter -
unfortunatly there is no record of which person
this was.  

1877, employee reference from Bates, Walker & Co

Oct 9th 1877

"The bearer Richard Watkin, Dishmaker has worked for us upwards of three years and he is a very steady and good workman and one whom we can with confidence recommend and he leaves of his own free will"

John Thomas Watkin b.1820 was a potter as were most of his children.

He lived at 28 Elliott Street, Newcastle-Under-Lyme, and his son Richard also worked for Bates Walker & Co of Burslem and for  John Dimmock & Co of Hanley.

Richard Watkin emmigrated to America and took with him  recommendations from these companies dated 1877 and 1879

The Dale Hall Works 1910 - 1950 (c.)

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