Newport Pottery Co Ltd


Location and period of operation:

Newport Pottery Co Ltd




Earthenware manufacturer at Newport Lane, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent

  • The Shorter family owned two pottery works - one in Stoke - Shorter & Son Ltd and also A J Wilkinson in Burslem (The Royal Staffordshire Pottery Works).

  • In 1920 they purchased the Newport Pottery which was adjacent to the A J Wilkinson factory.

  • In 1941  the Shorter family businesses were concentrated with at the Royal Staffordshire Pottery Works and the Newport Pottery buildings utilised for war-time purposes.

  • After the war in 1945 the original Newport Pottery Co Ltd factory did not reopen and their ware was produced at the other Shorter owned works. 

  • In 1964 the businesses of Newport Pottery Co Ltd and A.J. Wilkinson Ltd were purchased by W.R. Midwinter Ltd.    


Marks used on ware for identification:



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