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Neal, Harrison & Co

Neale & Wilson

The New Chelsea China Co Ltd

New Hall Pottery Co Ltd  Hanley  (1899-1956)

New Hall Company

New Wharf Pottery

Newbon & Beardmore   Longton (1858-63)

Newbon & Dawson   Longton (1863-66)

Newport Pottery Co Ltd

John Nicholls was involved in a number of partnerships in Longton, some as earthenware manufacturers and some manufacturing china.

Some of the partnerships overlap.

Nicholls, Cope & Adams Longton, earthenware (?-1843)

Nicholls, Cordon & Adams Longton, earthenware  (1843-48)

Nicholls & Hallum Longton, earthenware  (?-46)

Nicholls & Cordon Longton, earthenware  (46-?)

John Nicholls & Co Longton, China (1848-48)

Nicholls & Tomlinson Longton, China

Nicholls, Stanway & Bennett Longton, China (1848-48)

Nixon & Walley

North Staffordshire Pottery Co Ltd 

William Nutt   Lane End (Longton)  (1818-30)


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