Sandland, Bennett & Co


Location and period of operation:

Sandland, Bennett & Co





Earthenware manufacturers at the Victoria Works, Stoke, Stoke-on-Trent, England.  


  • The partners were William Sandland, George Bennett and Emma Gray.  

  • William Sandland biography:  William Sandland was born at Hanley in 1848. He began working at nine years old as a mould runner at the Upper Hanley Pottery, working from six in the morning until eight at night. When he was thirteen he was apprenticed as a hollow-ware presser, but was transfered to finish his apprenticeship with Alcock & Co., Cobridge. 

  • At the termination of his apprenticeship he was sent to work with Minton, Hollins & Co., encaustic tile manufacturers, with whom he remained for several years. 

  • Afterwards he was engaged by Mr. Johns, Armitage Pottery, subsequently by Twyfords, Ltd., and later by Brown-Westhead & Co., Cauldon Place as a sanitary presser. 

  • William was an active trade union official - in 1876 and 1879 representing the Hollow-pressers' Society in wages arbitration. 

  • On leaving Brown-Westhead's he commenced earthenware manufacture with George Bennett at the Victory Pottery, Stoke. He took an active part during his residence in Stoke and was for four years a member of the Town Council. 

  • July 1893 the partnership was dissolved - William Sandland and Emma Gray left the business and George Bennett continued as George Bennett and Company. 

  • William Sandland commenced, on his own account at the Lichfield Pottery, Hanley. 



Previously: The Victoria Pottery Company

Subsequently: George Bennett & Co

Subsequently: William Sandland


advert for Sandland, Bennett & Co
from 1892 Keates Directory

courtesy: Staffordshire Potters, 1781-1900 R.K.Henrywood 



the two bottle kilns of the Victoria Works, Stoke

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