Edward Steele


Location and period of operation:

Edward Steele (& Co)





Manufacture of earthenware, majolica and also parian statuettes at the Cannon Street Works, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, England.
  • The Cannon Street works, dating back to the beginning of the nineteenth century, were for many years operated by Thomas Ford (also T & C Ford). They later built a large works in the same street and Edward Steele carried on the works from 1875.

  • At the time of the 1881 census the factory employeed 60 men & boys.


"The manufactory is now carried on by Mr. Edward Steele, who produces earthenware of the more ordinary qualities, stoneware of good useful character, majolica, and Parian. 

In stoneware all the usual useful classes of goods are made, and many of the designs and workmanship are of good character. 

In majolica both useful and ornamental goods are made, and consist of jugs, teapots, brackets, flower vases, dessert services with figure centrepieces, comports, etc.; the designs in many instances are artistic, and the quality, both of the body and colouring, of more than average excellence. 

Parian statuary is one of the specialities of the firm and is very extensively made ; some hundreds of different single figures, groups, busts, and animals, besides numbers of ornamental articles, being issued. 

The quality is superior to many for the American markets, and the modelling of the figures is artistic and clear. Many of them are of large size, and are produced with remarkable skill. Mr. Steele uses no mark."

The Ceramic Art of Great Britian Llewellynn Jewitt - 1878



Majolica ware jug - frog on a lilly pad

this jug was a popular piece by Edward Steele

Registration diamond gives the date when the pattern was first registered 

Registered design number: 389911.
Date registered 14 Nov 1882

Proprietor: Edward Steel.
Address: Cannon Street, Hanley, Staffordshire.
Subject: "Frog" jug.
Class 4: earthenware



cup & saucer in the LUSITANIA pattern

E. Steele & Co

[this mark likely pre-dates 1891 as it does not have "ENGLAND" ]



Marks used on ware for identification:

early ware did not have a makers mark 



1881 census:

Dwelling: Basford Bank
Census Place: Stoke Upon Trent, Staffordshire, England


Marr | Age | Sex

  Birthplace Occupation
Edward STEELE M 43 M Head Etruria Earthenware Manufct Employ 60 Men & Boys
Selina STEELE  M 37 F Wife London, Middlesex  
Charles W. STEELE  U 9 M  Son Newcastle Scholar
Fanny STEELE  U 8 F  Daur Newcastle Scholar
Emeline STEELE  U 3 F Dau Basford  
Elizabeth FROST  U 23 F  Servant Bradley Green, Staffordshire General Servant


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