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Clementson Bros




Earthenware manufacturers at both the Phoenix Works and the Bell Works, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent

  • Joseph Clementson had operated on his own account since 1839 - retired from business in 1867 in favour of his four sons and his son-in-law, Edward Baxter, minister at Bethesda chapel, Hanley, who had married his youngest daughter Lucy. 

  • By 1893 they had 275 employees. 


 Previously:  Joseph Clementson 



Clementson Brothers
Phoenix and Bell Works, Hanley

The Pottery Gazette,  February 2nd 1880

"The firm manufacture almost entirely for the North and South American and West Indian markets, doing at the present day a very large trade with those sources, their productions comprising white, granite, mid printed goods, such as dinner, tea, and toilet ware, etc, and they are milking a special feature at the present time of printed toilet ware, and also printed and plain semi-porcelain ware, and, having lately added a valuable plant of modern machinery to this end, they are in a position to compete favourably with any other house in the Potteries in these particular goods. 
The Bell Works throughout are fitted with all the most modern and improved machinery und appliances; seven ovens - four of which are glost and three biscuit - are kept constantly going, together with the usual hardening-on and enamelling kilns, etc.; the average number of hands employed by the firm being 275.
Every attention is paid to sanitary matters throughout the works so as to ensure the health and comfort of the operatives, and the general relations existing between Messrs. Clementson Brothers and their numerous workpeople are of the most harmonious and satisfactory character. 
In addition to the manufacture of earthenware, Messrs. Clementson Brothers are also millers, having a very large mill from which they supply other manufacturers with."

1893 trade directory






Jug in the Marguerete pattern
Jug in the Marguerete pattern


Clementson Bros chamber pot 

Tureen in the Lorraine pattern 



plate in the CHUSAN pattern 




Initials used on ware for identification:






Clementson Bros

mark with the phoenix bird

'Marguerete' is the pattern name

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