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= people listed in "Who's Who in Staffordshire - 1934"

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Name   occupation place comments
George Henry Saunders b.1866 Master Butcher Silverdale Alderman
Anthony Shaw 1827/8-1900 Earthenware Manf. Burslem  
Simeon Ackroyd Shaw 1785-1859 schoolmaster & author Hanley/Shelton  
Harry Christie Sheldon b.1881 Clerk in Holy Orders Meir
Percy Sheldon b.1860 M.D. of Shelly Potteries Tittensor J.P.
James Shenton b.1859 General Merchant Fenton J.P.
John Thomas Sillito b.1866 Grocer Tunstall J.P. 
William Isaac Simcock b.1887 Building Contractor Werrington
Robert Smith b.1870 Engineer Butt Lane
William Smith        
Joseph Stevenson 1807-1882 colour manufacturer shelton  
Tom Stinton b.1886 Headmaster Newcastle
Sutherland - Duke of 1851-1913 Landowner   Mayor of Longton