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= people listed in "Who's Who in Staffordshire - 1934"

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Name   occupation place comments
Frank Douglas Gardner b.1894 Clerk in Holy Order Bucknall
Thomas Garrett 1785-1865 pottery manufacturer Stoke Copeland and Garrett
Patrick Joseph Garvey b.1878 Physician and Surgeon Porthill
Edward Thomas George b.1895 Congregational Minister Tunstall
James Heber George b.1857 Clerk in Holy Orders Newcastle
Gertie Gitana b. 1887 d. 1957 Singer Burslem Gertrude Mary Astbury [her stage name was Gertie Gitana]
Adam Gilchrist b.1885 Medical Practitioner Burslem  
Alexander Wilson Gill b.1888 Physician Barlaston
Thomas Jackson Gilmore b.1887 Medical Practitioner Fenton
James Glover 1913-2001 Businessman Endon J.P.  Secretary of Chamber of Commerce
Gerald Goodwin b.1866 Clerk in Holy Orders Leigh
Horace Charles Goostry b.1875 Gent's Outfitter b. Hanley J.P.
Vincent Samuel Gosling b.1881 Solicitor b. Longton
William Green   manufacturer Longton  
John Green   manufacturer Longton  
Frederick Griffiths b.1884 Solicitor Kidsgrove
Leonard L Grimwade c.1863-1931 pottery manufacturer    
Harold Grindey b.1898 Solicitor Stoke