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= people listed in "Who's Who in Staffordshire - 1934"

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Name   occupation place comments
William Hackwood d.1836 modeller   for Josiah Wedgwood
Reginald Haggar 1905-1988 Pottery designer Stoke Notable painter
Hales Family 17-19th C. Pottery Manufacturer Cobridge  
John George Hamlet b.1868 Clerk in Holy Orders Norton
Thomas W. Harrison c.1843-1909 Colour Manufacturer Hanley  
Charles Harthern c.1900-1969 Pastor Penkhull former Coal merchant 
John William HARTLEY 1845-1942 engineer Fenton  
Samuel Hartshorne        
Tom Oliver Harper b.1905 Agent Wolstanton
Arthur Cecil Harrison b.1877 Manufacturer Newcastle J.P.
John Harrison b.1869 Company Director Stoke J.P.
Alfred Cromwell Harvey b.1875 Grocer Stoke J.P. 
Elias Hawley  1764-1828 potter Burslem Methodist lay preacher
Frederick Hulme Hawley b.1866 Medical Officer Blythe Bridge
George Hawley b.1866 Solicitor Blythe Bridge
Fred Hayward (Sir) 1876-1944 official in the co-operative Burslem
James Hayward  b.1849 Potter Burslem executive of the Pottery Workers' Society
Charles William Healey b.1887 Medical Practitioner Longton
Robert William Heath b.1876   Stoke J.P. 
William Heath b.1899 Medical Practitioner Meir
William Heath 1872-1912 designer/coppersmith Stoke/Penkhull Gold Prospector 
Frederick Crofton Heath-Caldwell b.1858 Major General Talke J.P. 
Arthur Edward Hewitt b.1890 China Manufacturer Tittensor Councillor
George Amson Heywood b.1886 Estate Agent & Autioneer Newcastle  
Richard Hicks 1765-1844 Pottery Manf. Hanley, Shelton Married Lydia Meigh - the daughter of Job Meigh I
Charles Walter Hickson b.1864 Police Superintendent Longton
Robert Hill   Auctioneer Longton  
Guy Reginald Hind b.1887 Physician & Surgeon Stoke
Wilhelmina Maria Hind b.1859   Stoke J.P. O.B.E.
Thomas Holdcroft b.1862 Grocer & Confectioner Cobridge Councillor 
George Howson 1818-1896 Pottery manf. Hanley  
Fred Hughes   historian    
Joseph Hulse   inspector and agent Longton  
Alfred Huntbach b.1866 Company Director Stone J.P.
William Michael Huntbach b.1864 Solicitor Hanley J.P. 
Rev John Hutchinson   Vicar Blurton