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 (source: John H. Roth III, President John H. Roth & Co. Inc.)

JONROTH are prolific importers of Stoke-on-Trent pottery into the USA, specialising in blue and pink  historical or souvenir designs on the traditional blue (and pink) Staffordshire prints.

In 1884 John H Roth entered the ceramic trade as a clerk for C. E. Wheelock in South Bend, Indiana, U.S.A. The business name of John H. Roth & Co. came to be when he sold his equity at Wheelocks in 1909.

The JONROTH backstamp
The JONROTH backstamp



Initials used on ware for identification:


Old English Staffordshire Ware


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Suppliers of earthenware with the JONROTH name:

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William Adams & Sons JONROTH had a 61 year relationship with the factory of William Adams & Sons. 
In 1892, John H Roth made his first visit to the Factory of William Adams
& Sons. This began a relationship that was to last up to and after the time of the
Wedgwood takeover. The name of JONROTH is more closely associated with Adams than any other manufacturer.
Ridgways, Bedford Works  
Royal Staffordshire (Wilkinsons) The famous Clarice Cliff worked for A.J.Wilkinson.
Burgess & Leigh  
A. G. Richardson and Co Ltd Using the trade name 'Crown Ducal Potteries'
S. Fielding & Co. Using the trade name 'Crown Devon'
Royal Winton  
Wood & Sons  
Alfred Meakin suppliers from 1967 to 1975.
J. H. Weatherby & Sons suppliers from 1975 to 2000, but the pieces are mostly not marked Weatherby, but carry the JONROTH mark alone.
JONROTH took the last order produced by J. H. Weatherby & Sons in April 2000
Jonathan Weatherby After the closure of J.H.Weatherby in 2000 Jonathan Weatherby took over producing for JONROTH, working with a very limited staff at the Falcon Pottery.    ..... operating as a decorator under the name of Jonathan Weatherby At Falcon Pottery. 


Suppliers of bone china ware with the JONROTH name:
Taylor and Kent  
Royal Grafton  



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